Finding the end 
I found the beginning again.
Over and under 
In a cyclical round.
A spiral within.
 A spiral without.  -Krissy Mays

Finding the end I found the beginning again. Over and under In a cyclical round. A spiral within. A spiral without. -Krissy Mays

In early fall 2014, I was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, one that offered little intervention through Western medicine and had little choice but to take primary responsibility to assemble my own healing team.
After a few months of diving deeply into various alternative healing methods and protocols a friend of mine told me about someone she knew that had gone through a similar health crisis and I decided to connect with her. She readily shared her story with me and the many therapies that she had incorporated, but what I had not expected was to hear how a healer from Brazil had the most impact in her healing process.  Naturally I was intrigued by her testimony and asked for more information.  She shared how to submit my photo where a volunteer for the Casa Dom Inacio would present to the Entity with request for healing.  a few days later I would send my photo to this remote village.  About a week went by before I received an email from the contact in Brazil. She told me that my photo would be presented within the next day or two and that I didn't need to do anything special.
On the second  or third day after this email, I experienced what I would describe as an overwhelming urge to lay down and rest.  After laying down for about 45 minutes, I got up and went about my day.
The following day I got another email from her letting me know that my photo had been presented the day prior.  Naturally, my instant thought went to the moment where everything in me had to lay down, but never questioned it.

It would be a few months later that I started seeing a PT for physical issues with my neck and back before I discovered that she was an official guide.  She had visited Brazil nearly ten times then and helped numerous people make the journey as well to the healing hospital in Abadiania, Brazil.  At this point in life this was the biggest sign from God that he was showing me the way.

Within a few months I was able to take a personal journey to the Casa Dom Inacio  with Amy and her group and again the following year.  
The weeks I spent in Brazil were profound and It is still hard for me to put into words, but I am certain that it would have taken a lifetime to heal what I did in a few months.  
The healing process is very much like an onion, we peel back the layers sometimes to only uncover more layers.  
When I asked to for help in healing from cancer, I had no idea what that was going to look or feel like, and I had to do a lot of work surrendering to it all and have recognized that the healing process expands way beyond the physical body.  

Before returning home from my last trip I received an unexpected invitation from my guide and now very close friend, Amy Koch to guide with her and was given special permission from John of God.
It is an honor to assist others on the journey to as well and believe that through my personal experience and the many years working as a healing arts professional will add to the richness of your experience.