July 30th-August 11th,2018*

August 13th-August 25th, 2018*

Itinerary for your 13-day Journey 

Monday - Upon arrival in Brasilia, you will be met by our driver who will transport us to our pousada in Abadiania. After we settle in, we will meet for lunch and group introductions.  Following lunch will lead a walk to the Casa grounds for a tour and to sit in the Casa energy and orient to the small town of Abadiania (with time to exchange money to Brazilian Reais).  The rest of the day will be free for rest or exploration. 

Tuesday  - We will have a detailed orientation to the process and working with John of God and the Entities of Light, as well as experience a crystal light bath session. We will have individual meetings to finalize your first requests for the Entities .  A group gathering to answer questions and share will prepare us for the Casa session on Wednesday. 

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday - In both the morning and afternoon, we will work with John of God and a host of Entities. This is your opportunity to ask for help and present your requests for Spirit to support your intentions. After the morning sessions, we will enjoy Blessed Soup (infused with blessings by the Entities), lunch at our pousada and some time for rest. After lunchtime, we’ll go back to the Casa for the afternoon sessions TBD based on instruction from the previous sessions on an individual basis.  

Saturday, Sunday, Monday & Tuesday – These are days usually spent resting, rejuvenating, and being quiet. For those not immediately recovering from a spiritual intervention, massage and crystal beds can be scheduled and the sacred waterfall will be visited with guidance. Swimming, biking and walking are available. In town, we enjoy crystal shopping, pedicures, local artists, etc.  We highly recommend to use these days wisely, listening to the needs of the body and spending time at the Casa grounds communing with nature, using the prayer triangle and time in prayerful meditation with the Entities.  The Casa offers a Sunday morning  and Tuesday afternoon song/prayer service. Tuesday morning you will have the option of assisting to chop vegetables for the weeks Blessed soup. We will offer group gatherings and meditation as well as meet individually as needed.  

Second/Third Week: Wednesday, Thursday & Friday –  Your second (and possibly third week) at the Casa you will have the opportunity to go before John of God as needed.   You can present photos and requests to John of God of your friends and family. This week there will be intervention revision for those who need it. It is very important to sit in the Casa Current (meditation) rooms at every available opportunity these weeks as much of the healing occurs when you are actively engaging with the energy present in these rooms. Many people receive spontaneous invisible healings and profound insights while simply meditating or being still in these “highly charged” rooms.   

Saturday - ​You may have time for a last Crystal Bed or visit the Sacred Waterfall, visit with soul friends from around the world, and pack your crystals and blessed water that you are taking home. Possibly one last group gathering for deep listening and heart sharing. 

Accommodations in Abadiania  

We stay at Pousada Jardim dos Anjos or Pousada Luz Divina, both are lovely pousadas (hotel) within walking distance of John of God's Casa in Abadiania. The accommodations are comfortable and immaculate. Each participant has their own room and a private bathroom with a shower. Rooms are cleaned twice weekly. The homemade meals, served buffet style, are included and lovingly prepared by the pousada staff. The food is delicious, with many choices of vegetables, fruits and meat dishes grown fresh and locally.  The pousada owners create a healing atmosphere at the pousada for guests and are working closely with the entities to facilitate the blessings and healing energies of the Casa.   

Standard and deluxe accommodations are available.  Both options are clean and comfortable.  Deluxe accommodations are more spacious and newer construction with upgraded bathroom and lighting fixtures.  ​Some deluxe accommodations require using a flight of stairs.


Meditation Garden at Casa Dom Inacio.

Meditation Garden at Casa Dom Inacio.

For More Info Click Here.

For More Info Click Here.


How to Obtain Brazil Tourist Visa  
You will first need to find out where to apply for your visa. There are 10 Brazilian consulates in the USA. Each of them issues visas for citizens from certain states.  You need to apply to the consulate of your permanent residence (i.e. in what state you have a driver's license). 

Plan 3 weeks for processing, if applying for the visa yourself or use a professional visa expediting agency to help you get in faster and with more ease. The visa service may have special relationships with various consulates and may overcome the geographic barriers and obtain visa for you faster. We recommend Travel Pro Visa. 

After determining the timing and choosing an agency or to apply yourself, you will need to collect all of the documents required and submit them.  Most consulates require either personal delivery of documents or via third party and there are specific mailing/delivery requirements for each consulate.  For example, consulate in Atlanta allows you to mail paperwork directly to them, but consulate in Los Angeles or San Francisco do not!  A trusted, nationwide company like Travel Pro Visa which has ample of experience in dealing with Brazil visa specifics can be of assistance with this. 

You need to read carefully each Brazil visa requirement. If you miss one of them your visa process will be delayed. Here is a list of requirements and what to pay attention to: 

Your US Passport: You must mail your US passport to obtain Brazil visa. You can not mail copy! Your passport must be valid 6 months beyond your landing in Brazil. If it is not , you must renew it first. Also, many people have their passports for few years, but fail to sign them! Brazil consulate will not accept your documents unless you've signed your passport. So, please inspect those few things first. If your passport is full of stamps, make sure you have at least 2 "visa" designated pages blank before applying for Brazil Visa. 
One Passport Style Photo: Please make sure you use a professional to get you 2 by 2 inches passport photo. Do not attempt to take your digital photo and use it for the visa. This will just prolong the process. Passport photo is scanned and printed on the visa. So, it has to be of a professional quality. 
Online Brazil Visa Application: Each applicant must complete an online Brazil visa application. After it is completed, you print one page confirmation sheet , which will have 12 digit protocol number ( e.g. 120202-000068). It will have to squares, one for photo and one for signature. Please glue or tape the photo over photo square. DO NOT STAPLE IT. Please sign in a signature box - not outside of it or through lines of it, not below, but exactly inside of the signature box. It is very important not just to sign but sign it correctly. It is a most common mistake that people make. Please find a good reference guide on how to complete Online Brazil Visa application properly. 
Copy of your Driver's License. This is the main document that decides as to at which consulate you have to apply for your visa. If you do not have driver's license, major utility bill (e.g. gas, power, garbage removal) can be used to establish your residence address. Do not include your original Driver's license, copy is sufficient.  
Travel itinerary. This is the most misunderstood requirement. You do not have to purchase the ticket, but need just a travel reservation of your itinerary. If you use a booking agent like Orbitz to buy tickets, then yes, you have to purchase it to have an itinerary. But, if you use travel agent, they can make a reservation for you and hold it for some time.  A print out of such itinerary will work for your visa application. The itinerary should show entry to and from Brazil. Basically, you need to show Brazil consulate you trip schedule from your home to Brazil and back home. 
Consular fee Payment: Brazil consulate accepts only USPS Money Orders as form of payment! No exception will be made to this policy.  Check the Brazilian Consulate website for current prices or ask the expediting professionals.  Another good thing about using Visa expediting professionals is that they offer purchase of US Postal money orders for the correct amount and you do not have to wait in lines at the postal office. 

The above 6 requirements are essentials for all applicants, but there are additional ones for residents of certain states: 

Birth certificate copy is required for residents of Miami consulate jurisdiction 
Copy of last 3 paychecks or bank statements is required for residents of Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago consulates (over 30 day stays). 
Personal statement explaining the purpose of trip to Brazil is required for residents of Miami and Chicago (for stays over 30 days). 
Visa for minor for Brazil. Parents are required to provide notarized consent to travel to Brazil for a child even if they travel to together. They need to provide Birth certificate of a child, certain vaccinations, etc. Check with the consulate for details. 

This covers about 99% of all requirements, though each traveler might be asked an additional documentation. 

People born in Brazil cannot travel to Brazil with their USA passport, they must obtain Brazilian passport or officially renounce their Brazilian citizenship. 

If you decide that you will apply yourself, please find which consulate accepts mailed-in applications and which required in-person appearance. If they allow mailing your application, you must send it US EXPRESS MAIL only and include self-addressed prepaid return US Express Mail envelope. If you have to apply in person, you may require to make an appointment and can schedule with the consulate on their website.  Appointments can sometimes that weeks or months to get.  Agencies can often get appointments sooner, if you choose to use one. 

Disclaimer:  Please take this information as guidance and not authority and verify this information for yourself.  You are responsible for your own Brazilian Visa application and processing.  Thank you.


13-day Journey:   
$2000 USD standard accommodations 
$2600 USD deluxe accommodations 

One week only*:  
$1500 USD standard accommodations 
$1800 USD deluxe accommodations 
*We recommend that people stay at least 13 days.  However, we do welcome people to join a group for the first week of the 13 day tour.   


Additional fee for a one week extension: 
$970 USD standard accommodations 
$1270 USD deluxe accommodations 

​Additional fee for each one night extension: 
$138 USD standard accommodations 
$181 USD deluxe accommodations 


Additional taxi fee may apply if you are  traveling to or from the Brasilia airport at times other then the group dates: 
$80 USD each way 
Extra luggage fee, if you have more then two medium size suitcases and one carry on sized bag, you will be responsible for transportation fee: $80 USD each way

If you would like to schedule a time for a phone or FaceTime conference please visit my Contact page and leave the best phone number and times and I will get back to you within 24hrs. conference