Next Tour Dates
July 31st to August 12th, 2017*
August 14th to August 26th, 2017*
Optional 3rd week possible. 

                             Guided Journey to Visit John of God's Healing Center 

 What's Included for the Journey: 

Pre-trip orientation face to face, by phone, or Skype. 
Guidance for all your sessions with John of God and follow up on each session. I will accompany you through the entire process and work with you with our translator. 
Guidance on obtaining a Visa to Brazil and on travel plans.  
Round-trip chartered  transportation from the airport in Brasilia to Abadiânia (Ah-Bah-Jahn'-Ee-Yah), the central Brazil town where John of God's center "the Casa" is located when traveling with the group on the designated tour dates/times.   
Private, single occupancy room with private bathroom/shower in a lovely Pousada (hotel) for 12 nights/13 days, including 3 wholesome, delicious meals a day (2 on Sunday) with vegetarian/vegan options. 

A starting bottle of Casa water, blessed by the entities. 

Detailed Casa tour and orientation to the process (ongoing).  
One crystal light bath session. 
Guided visit to John of God's sacred waterfall. 
Group silent and guided meditations as appropriate (optional).   
Private and group meetings to prepare and assimilate experiences, 1 to 2 times per week.  
We give a generous donation to the Casa de Dom Inacio, John of God's Center, in the name of the group. 
One complementary integration support session, once you are home by phone or Skype 
Click here for information about what is not included in the fee. 

Why use a guide? 
​“It is recommended by the Casa staff and John of God, on your 1st trip and possibly subsequent trips, that you go with an official Casa Guide.  The Casa is filled to overflowing with people and many protocols, which an experienced Casa Guide will help you to navigate. Traveling with an official Casa recommended Guide, you will be able focus on what is important to you and are sure to get the highest benefit. There are many healing protocols, instructions and nuances that you will most likely  miss going on your own. The Casa Guides provide all the logistics, ie taxi, lodging, translation support, Casa Protocols, including care during your healing experience, etc.”  - from The Friends of the Casa official website 

Enjoy the Benefits of a Smaller Group  
We keep our groups smaller so that we can give each person the individual attention and guidance they need.  Our average group size is 10 people and ranges from 6 to 15 people. 

What are my choices with accommodations? 
Standard and Deluxe accommodations are available within the same pousada (hotel).  Deluxe accommodations are more spacious and newer construction with upgraded bathroom and lighting fixtures.  The pousadas we use for our guests are within walking distance of the Casa, well loved, safe, clean and comfortable with beautiful plantings and birds. The food is delicious and home made, served buffet style with gluten free, vegan, and vegetarian options!   

​Planning for your Journey 
When planning your trip with us, most of your logistical details will be handled. All you need to do is get your passport, visa to Brazil, airline ticket and pack your bags!   

Packing List    
Pre-Trip Check List 

Make sure your passport is current 
Your passport MUST be good for at least 6 months from the time you land in Brazil. 
If you need to renew CLICK HERE 

I want a Private Tour with my friends or family, is this possible?  
Yes I offer private tours.  If you would like to make the journey at a different time, better suited to your needs, please contact me and we will arrange your private, guided journey.   Our minimum fee for private tours is for six paid participants. 

What to do if you want to join the tour: 

Contact me with your questions and let me know of your intention to join us!  
We will set-up a time to talk and give you details about planning for the journey. 
Print and complete the application and Casa indemnity form. 
You will send in your non-refundable deposit of $500 and return the completed application forms. 

Space is limited and on a first come basis. Your deposit secures your reservation.   
​We request your application and deposit to be received a minimum of60 days prior to the journey date. 
The remaining balance received no less then 45 days prior to journey date.   
If you decide to join the journey at a late date, please contact us ASAP to learn about expediting your Visa and making a reservation! 

Payment Options 

Checks from US accounts or Cashier's check, payable to Krissy Mays, are accepted and preferred. 

        Direct wire transfer to my bank add $25 USD processing fee (ask for details). 
PayPal add 4% processing fee. 

Go to 
In the Navigational Bar, from the “Send Money” tab, click on “Send Money Online.” 
In the “To” address line, enter: 
Fill in your address and the amount you are sending. 
Click “Continue” and follow the prompts.